ThankYou For Being A Park Supporter And A National Park Geek

ThankYou For Being A Park Supporter And A National Park Geek

Ranger Hat Pin (includes US shipping)

Share your love and support for National Parks with our exclusive Ranger Hat Pin. On the hat is written "National Park Lover". The Ranger Hat has been a symbol of pride for Rangers since 1911 when it became apart of their uniforms. It represents the long history of preserving our public lands and telling our country’s history. In the early years of National Parks, the U.S. Army patrolled the parks and enforced the law. Buffalo Soldiers who helped to protect our parks introduced the Montana Peak campaign hat. These soldiers patrolled Yosemite National Park and several other California national parks during 1890-1905. When the NPS decided on an official uniform for civilian park rangers, it had a very military look of a cavalry officer including the broad-brimmed high-crowned hat we now recognize as a ranger hat.

Our enamel pin is full of goodness that you will want to wear every day. Get your Geek on with our Ranger Hat Pin. Price includes shipping and handling in USA. 

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