Thanks for Being A National Park Geek

Thanks for Being A National Park Geek

Social Media Opportunities

National Park Geek is a community of park and outdoor lovers. Our community is very responsive and consists online and at meetups throughout the year. Our main social media outreach is through Instagram @nationalparkgeek  Let us know if you have an idea that will work with our community at

Recent Activity-
Told the story of how Michelin USA has teamed up with Yellowstone NP and Yellowstone Forever to build sustainable pathways near Old Faithful. Onsite photography and social media post with +801K impressions.
Meet Ups at Joshua Tree NP, Fort Point NHS, Devils Tower NM, Sequoia NP, Great Smoky Mountains NP, Zion NP, Santa Monica Mountains NRA, Saguaro NP, Everglades NP and Badlands NP.
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