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About Us

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National Park Geek™ is more than a line of products. We aim to enhance your National Park experience through our website / social media and become a place you can share your love and geekiness for our parks. With our Instagram account we hope to inspire you to all that our National Parks have to offer from scenic beauty to historic sites. We strive to have our hashtag #nationalparkgeek to be a place to plan your next adventure and see the best that our National Parks provide.

To give back we have joined 1% For The Planet and are giving 1% of all sales at a minimum to National Park charities. It is one of the ways we are trying to be a responsible company to you, the environment and ourselves alike.

We hope you will seek us out to share your love and excitement for our National Parks. We hope you will Find Your Park and share your experiences with us and our National Park Geek community.

National Park Geek is a line of the Department of Nature, sharing the love of the outdoors by the experiences and memories created as we live life to the fullest.






Daniel Gross

Daniel started National Park Geek in 2015 to spread the word of how wonderful our National Parks are to us all. A lifelong lover of nature and photography, the idea of creating National Park Geek was formed as a way to share his passions. "It has been incredible to see and be inspired by the other National Park Geeks daily with their photos. It is so wonderful to see the fun and excitement created by a visit to a National Park or site. They are truly America's Best Idea. I look forward to seeing you in a park soon."


National Park Geek Ambassadors:

Chief National Park Geek Ambassador:

Linda Mohammad - 

Linda’s first introduction to rocks was during her geology class in college. Since then, she has been fascinated with the plate tectonic movement creating mountain ranges and valleys we see today in many national parks. Remembering back to her college years, the first national parks she visited were Arches and Canyonlands in Utah during a geology field trip. It was love at first sight when she laid her eyes on those bright orange sandstones. Her passion resides in appreciating the magnificent natural beauty we’re blessed with while providing the world with sustainable energy for our daily use. As an ambassador for National Park Geek, she looks forward to more adventures in America’s Best Idea parks and crossing paths with many of you national park lovers! To date, Linda has visited all of the 63 major national parks here in America.

Instagram: @thebucketlisttraveler

Tigran Nahabedian - 

Hi, my name is Tigran Nahabedian. I attend at Ojai Valley School. Ojai Valley School taught me that time in the wilderness generates important lessons and skills. That is one of the reasons I like the Junior Ranger programs. They help guide my activities in the national parks. I have completed over 90 Junior Ranger programs so far and was the first Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer at Channel Islands National Park. I have met so many friendly, kind and encouraging National Park Rangers during my travels.

Being a National Park Geek Ambassador has allowed me to connect with an incredible community of park supporters.  I am always encouraged by the enthusiasm people have to support our national parks. I have been very fortunate to be able to help in many ways. I have helped at national park events across the country, and you will often find me at Channel Islands National Park. I serve on the board of the Channel Islands Park Foundation with fellow National Park Geek Ambassador Linda Mohammad.

 You can follow my adventures in Buddy Bison’s Buzz at  www.parktrust.org  and on Instagram and Twitter @JrRangerTigran @nationalparktrust


Chris Rief -

Chris Rief is based in Rockville, MD, which is located just outside of Washington, D.C. He has a deep passion for photography, and for exploring and protecting public lands. Living in the D.C. area offers endless opportunities for exploration. You’ll often find him exploring national park units near and far with his adventure companion and daughter, Quinn. Chris loves helping her complete junior ranger booklets to earn badges.  He also has a weakness for collecting passport stamps at visitor centers and finding postcards to send to friends and family documenting each trip.  At the beginning of 2020, Chris had visited just over 100 park units, while Quinn has been to 67.  Fun fact:  Chris’ photo was featured on the America The Beautiful 4th Grade (Every Kid In A Park) Pass for 2017-2018.

Website: chrisriefphotography.com

Instagram: @chrisriefphoto

Twitter: @chrisriefphoto


Sandra Ramos - 

Sandra Ramos is an avid road-tripper, photographer, coffee aficionado, recovering politico, and history nerd known for her passion of telling the stories of our lesser known National Park sites. Based in Beaumont, Texas and Missoula, Montana, Sandra began her photographic journey after her first visit to Gettysburg National Military Park which set her on a trail to learn the history of our country though our National Parks. When not traveling, she is the Texas Coastal Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association as well as principal for Ramos Creative, a strategic, writing, and visual consulting firm. Sandra has visited over 240 national park sites and you can follow her work on her social media.

Website: https://nationalparkpatchlady.com/

Instagram: @nationalparkpatchlady

Evan Wexler - 

Today, Evan Wexler is a teacher and a photographer, but at the ripe old age of three, Evan made his first visit to his “backyard”, Everglades National Park, and his life was never quite the same. Captivated by wildlife, early visits to Everglades proved to be the first of many experiences that would come to define Evan’s appreciation of our NPS. Despite being introduced to the third largest park in the lower 48, Evan considers his most formative experiences in the NPS to be in the historical units that grace the East Coast and preserve the story of early America. Born into a family of teachers, vacations
meant a trip to where history could be made tangible through experiences.

These experiences evolved into a career in history as Evan went on to get both his degrees in history and become a teacher. Visits to Castillo de San Marcos, Independence Hall,
Ellis Island, (where the Wexler’s ancestors passed through on their journey to America) all compounded Evan’s understanding for how history must be preserved and told from
diverse perspectives. While this journey in appreciating the NPS through history is atypical to most, Evan does have the “typical” experiences in the “big” National Parks,
too; he often jokes that a first trip to Yellowstone reorganized his DNA, and that statement rings true to anyone who has ever stood in the shadow of Wyoming’s mountains and seen their first herd of bison. Evan’s favorite parks are Acadia, Glacier,
Yellowstone, Sequoia, and Joshua Tree….and whatever park he's planning on photographing next. With photography, Evan seeks to capture his love for the tapestry of history and wilderness that the NPS protects. Evan’s work has been featured by the Department of the Interior and by the Friends of the Everglades. Evan is excited to join
the National Park Geek team and help spread his love for ‘Our Best Idea’ to others.

Instagram: @wexploration

Julie Crawford -

Julie Crawford is a wedding and elopement photographer, Magnolia + Ember, based in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Driven by a wandering soul, she travels around the world photographing adventurous and free-spirited couples amidst the wild. Along her journey, she has found a special place in her heart for National Parks for reasons that are profound beyond words. Though she could never match all that adventure has given her, she continually supports the park service through proceeds and advocates Leave No Trace principles and outdoor ethics with every couple she creates art with. Beyond love stories, follow her travel photography and personal anecdotes on Instagram and her blog as she expresses authenticity and depth.

Social Media and Website Links: magnoliaandember.com

Instagram: @magnoliaandember 


Ron Hayworth - 

Ron Hayworth, of Bozeman, MT, specializes in rural photography of our National Parks and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, including Yellowstone National Park. Ron is known for bringing fresh artistic perspectives to the animals and landscapes of the region. His goal is to provide an artistic interpretation of the national parks for the enjoyment of the public.

Instagram: @ronhayworth





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